Daan Roosegaarde in the spotlight: “Not having ideas, but #doing and the right execution directed at impact, that’s what it’s all about.”

Food4Innovations (EN) - Wouter de Heij M.Sc.

On my Facebook page I saw an irritated Daan Roosegaarde walk out of the #CollegeTour interview. That made me curious enough to watch the complete TV broadcast. Almost the entire interview was about a subject that I’m intrigued by: innovation, ideas and #doing. In short: Innovation Management. My big hero Schumpeter described it well, almost fifty years ago, that ideas are often a combination of existing elements, calling them rightfully “neue Kombinationen”. Many of my clients and partners have little creativity and therefor are always looking for the “best idea”. Quite funny, because I think now more than ever there’s an abundance of ideas. Google the internet, or get in contact with other creative minds: a large list of new ideas is quickly found or created. That’s not the issue.

I totally agree with Daan Roosegaarde that only #doing matters. Only the realization of an idea…

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