I must admit, Although being a Apple fanboy for many years, Microsoft is doing a great job. Both on hardware like this Surface Studio and with Windows 10. Great stuff.

Net-Veille Systems

Microsoft have really upped their game during their last keynote held on the 26th of October. With new technological innovations introduced such as allowing 3D capabilities for everyone to new product line ups.

The main star of the show was eventually their new PC, the Surface Studio.


It does look a lot familiar to somewhat the iMac from Apple, but Microsoft emphasizes that this piece of hardware is different. Their motto, “turn your desk into a Studio”. The Surface Studio is an all in one 28 inchtouchscreen desktop which is only 12.5mm thick, making this the thinnest device of this segment.

The hinges of the Studio were also designed in way that the screen could be tilted down as a drawing board allowing creators to become even more creative.


It is also said to be packing  a lot of horsepower under the hood with an Intel…

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