No scale-up stress with a good process

One of the most important – and most fun – things we do at TOP is the scale-up of ideas to industrial products, machines or companies. On the one hand we do this driven by our own innovation agenda, on the other as a service we provide to the food industry. As a member of the acquisition team I encounter an abundance of food start-ups that need to scale-up their production process.
These start-ups typically have 1 to 3 employees, produce in small scale from their home or garage and locally sell some products. In The Netherlands we can be very proud of the large amount of young and trendy companies being founded each and every year. It’s no surprise these food companies pop up everywhere; the threshold to start is lower than ever. Everyone with a nice recipe and an entrepreneurial spirit can start a LTD. for a couple of hundred Euro’s and start a small scale production from home.
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