‘Over-reacting is better than non-reacting’ – academics around the world share thoughts on coronavirus

Preparing for coronavirus: A health worker washes her hands at a hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe
Image: REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo – RC20IF98P1HL
12 Mar 2020
Ceri Parker
Commissioning Editor, Agenda, World Economic Forum
Jaci Eisenberg
Head of Academic Engagement, World Economic Forum

The World Health Organization has labelled COVID-19 a pandemic.
Academic experts recommend public health measures such as ‘social distancing’ to curb the spread.
It’s official: COVID-19 is now a pandemic, spreading so quickly that any tally of infections and deaths rapidly becomes out of date. Cases outside of China have increased 13-fold in the last two weeks, with the global number of infections surpassing 126,000 on March 12.
— Lees op www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/03/coronavirus-covid19-global-academics-insights-pandemic