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I was extremely tired when two students from Wageningen UR interview me a few years ago; but the questions and my answers are still relevant today. Of course the interview is too short and maybe sometimes a bit black and white. But now in the beginning of 2017 I realise that I must listen to my own advices from 2014 and act accordingly.

Interview (Englisch) with Wouter de Heij (CEO TOP b.v.) by students Wageningen UR from Wouter de Heij on Vimeo.

In the year 2010 I secretly recorded an fantastic presentation from Jonas Ridderstrale during the Food Valley Congress. His main message? The knowledge from an individuel person can only growth linear, while the collective knowledge of our mankind growth exponentially. The more knowledge we have, the more humble we must be. Our society is a complex adaptive system and not comparable with a welldefined ‘physic system’.

Jonas Ridderstrale –…

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